Being Alive Today

Join Me on My Journey of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 31

I finally know what I am good at and how I can make a positive impact on the community….as hard as it is, I will not let you or your comments take it away.  I am staying strong.

Thank you for being strong with me!  Thank you for taking this journey with me.

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Day 30 – Lost Reminder

A loss today of a relative, a reminder to be grateful each and every day.

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Day 29 – Small Comforts

Things familiar can offer small comforts without a person even realizing.  We just have to look.  My morning ritual with my son is one of them.

Turn off the night-light, carry him to living room while he gives me a big hug, set him in same spot on couch, blankie on him, fireplace on, coffee on, getting breakfast ready.  Both of us do this little dance the exact same way every morning.  How I would miss that if it were any other way.

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Day 28 – 365

Until I started this 365 project, I did not realize how many exist!  How great it is discovering new ones all the time.

One blogger is purging a trinket each and every day, obviously trinket memories to accompany each purge –  to a more serious note, a blogger that honours a veteran a day at

Who knew!

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