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Day 11 – Four Seasons

on January 11, 2012

Today was the day, the winter tires finally went on.  The weather this winter has been a bit, well, springlike!  I am NOT a winter girl but what if we did not have a winter?

Fall for me is the most glorious time of year, rich hues, hearty vegetables, knit sweaters.  I can almost smell autumn right now.

But without mother nature getting ready for winter, my season would not exist.

And if it were not for a long, cold winter, spring may lose a bit of its cache – the bright colours, spring vegetables and such a fresh feeling of renewal and re-birth.

How dull would the cycle be without experiencing all four seasons.  Besides, what would we talk about in elevators and bus stops if we did not have the weather!


One response to “Day 11 – Four Seasons

  1. Steve Kubien says:

    Awesome picture! Fall is easily my favourite time of year.

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