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Day 12 – It is THAT Day

on January 12, 2012

The day you are on a treadmill, the faster you go, the less that seems to get done.  The day you are overbooked, your child or pet is not on the same wavelength and sadness and frustration grows.

If you just make it to bedtime, put in your day, get through it.  Tomorrow will come.

Today I am grateful because i know – This Too Shall Pass.


One response to “Day 12 – It is THAT Day

  1. Steve Kubien says:

    “Let it go. This too shall pass.”.

    This is a passage of a song by Ok, Go! Great little indie band with a bit of an edge, a philosophical slant at times and full of spirit. Check out the videos for This Too Shall Pass and Oh No! on YouTube. Prepare to be amazed by their creativity.

    As for “that” day, I can relate. In one sense I am lucky that my girls are old enough (9 & 11) that I can walk away when I need to and feel safe that they won’t stab themselves or burn the house down.

    And yes, this too shall pass.

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