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Day 32 – Cherry Cola

on February 2, 2012

No longer available in Canada, Cherry Cola is my first purchase when we make a run for the border.

Thankfully friends and relatives are aware of this odd addiction, and when they’re  in the US, they gratefully pick up a case or two.

When we were kids, it was always the cereal isle we would head for first.  I was the first on the block to get Donkey Kong cereal.  Actually, I am not sure if it ever made it to Canada!


2 responses to “Day 32 – Cherry Cola

  1. I confess… I am a Coca-Cola snob… I won’t touch any cola other than Coke… ‘the real thing!’

    If I could not have my Cherry Coke, I would… well, I’m not sure what I would do… but, I would not be a happy girl!

    I am glad you have such understanding friends and relatives.

    • admin says:

      You sound like my husband, he is not cherry coke, just regular coke, but if we eat somewhere and it is that other brand…he loses it, he needs the “real thing”. He can even drink it in the morning. ugh.

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