Being Alive Today

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Day 94 – Imagined Walls

Sometimes you think this is it, this is everything and don’t know how to move on.  Life is funny and works in mysterious ways…

Sometimes if you don’t move forward, life finds a way to push you where you need to be.


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Day 94 – At Last

Almost 11pm, not a stir, not even a mouse.

Peace and quiet.

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Day 93 – Did it Again!

Another article is finished and put to bed.  Well, not really, the article is all about getting organized for spring.  So now that the article is published, I guess I have to actually put words to action….and get organized!

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Day 92 – Shake Your Booty

Not one to use the word “booty” lightly, when was the last time you were by yourself and just started to dance to the music with no inhibitions?

What song gets you moving like that?