Being Alive Today

Join Me on My Journey of 365 Days of Gratitude

Day 107 – Pity Party

I amaze myself at how easy it is to fall into a place of self pity. But recognizing it is the first step and I am so thankful I can catch myself now. Maybe not quick enough but i am getting there.

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Day 106 – Zoo Day

Attended the zoo with my childs class today, he had a great time.  I always have mixed feelings about a zoo, animals born in captivity and living in captivity.  The elephant that did the dance and swirling around on stage kind of did it for me… elephant is just NOT supposed to do that.

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105 – Little Graduate

This is the final week of JK for my son!  Wow..he did it.  He attended one of the schools selected for all day JK.  Very proud of him.

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104 – Suds

Day 104 Started watching a soap opera again….Young and the Restless.  Not only is it mindless TV, it makes my life seem so much less messed up…..!

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