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Day 76 – Kiss Me!

Kiss me, I’m Irish!  My husband  does not believe that, but there is a wee bit inside of me.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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Day 72 – Directorial Debut

Scene 1 – stuffed teddy bears – Ok so I am going for a walk and oh, I see stuffy. Do you want to go for a walk, ok let’s go for a walk.  Lets go walking

So this carries on for a good 5 minutes.

Today my son decided to put on a play for me, making it up as he went along.  It was so adorable but what I loved about it was it gave me a small glimpse of what runs through his head.




Day 66 – All Access

Hmmm, I am short on B12 apparently.   Within seconds, a quick google and voila, information  overload – everything I need to know!

Years ago, in high school,  I remember spending countless hours in the dusty back room of the library, the “reference” area.  You couldn’t take those books out so you were stuck there all day.

Remind me I have to tell my son that one day when he is older…….he will be in total disbelief I am sure! 


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Day 57 – Book Worm

Once a week my son comes home with his library bag, and I get excited pulling out the special book he chose.  I try to think about why he chose this particular book out of all the rows and rows of books, the shelves must seem miles high for him.

Was it the pictures on the cover, the colours, because it is about animals or dino’s?  I will never be able to really get inside his head….thank goodness, but it still puts a smile on my face.

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