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Join Me on My Journey of 365 Days of Gratitude

DAY 89 – Forced Family Time

I am thankful for Earth Hour, it brings our attention to a worthy cause and provides one hour of forced family time.  No TV, no computers, beeps or sounds.  Just us and gasp! Conversation!


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Day 89 – Backup the Backup

Thank goodness I have that age-old habit of  printing a hard copy of certain documents.  It just helps me sleep at night. A fried laptop in the house also reminded us of the need to Back It Up!!

God bless the living trees but I will continue print a hard copy!

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Day 88 – Small Comforts

Gratitude for a warm bed and blanket and sweet dreams that lie ahead.

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Day 86 – Humour with a drop of Democracy

OK watching `This hour has 22 minutes`making fun of the NDP leadership race just made my month.  Too funny.  Democracy with extreme humour!

Yes my blogger pals, this is Canadian……..I know US is up to the chin in republicans.  Not as fun nor funny….


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